Aberrant Minds Provoke Murders [2014]

by AM:PM

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Our first EP, ‘Aberrant Minds Provoke Murders’ spice things up with a few fresh ingredients, adding some thrashy riffs, epic lead guitars and a strong sense of melody to the pot.


released May 15, 2014

Songs : AM:PM
Lyrics : Nicolas Bise and Thomas Gurtner
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Loïc Gaillard
Artwork : Bloodboy



all rights reserved


AM:PM Vevey, Switzerland

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Track Name: Lady Hurricane
It’s about a wild girl
pretty grey eyes
Half nasty, half cute
Strong opinions, and
free like the wind
don’t play with her heart, or
Thunder will strike the sky
As she turns evil
The blood flows faster in her fucking veins
She won’t feel sorry
If you piss her off
She seems tolerant
But accepts no mistake

Slowly a warm wind blows
Tracing circles in the fucking sky
But when I look at her
My eyes see an angel

You just have no choice to leave now
‘Cause she has fangs, just beyond her fucking smile
The lady hurricane
The lady of the winds
Track Name: Make A Choice
Break up with the world
Begin to create your own
Where sun shines and birds fly lively

Stop thinking for the others
Begin to walk on our path
Alone, I can see bright days
Not a small path but a highway

Take all that you want
Begin where you want
But don't stop, no turning back,
Create your path

One shot, one head, one mind, one life, one chance, one opportunity

What happened in my fucking mind?
Don’t give a fuck about the others !

The disease is in your mind, now your eyes are bloodied
Lying in your bed, blinded by the light
White as snow but hot like a whore

Welcome to a lost paradise
You can only loose it once

Game Over

No second chance
It's called hell
You had to fucking believe me
Believe me !
Track Name: Humans Are Their Own Rivals
This illusion can't be real
Guess I'm ill
Must be a joke
The air I'm breathing sucks
Insanity, my memories
This world is fake
Humans are their own rivals

Am I crazy, Am I just drunk or am I…
You are, a fucking son of a bastard you are an asshole

Cupidity, hostility
What are those visions
I'm not in nightmare
This is happening
Humans are all… Sick

This illusion can't be real
Guess I'm ill
Must be a joke
The air I'm breathing sucks
Insanity, my memories
This world is fake
Humans are their own rivals
Track Name: Salvation
Wake up wake up stay awake and
Shut up shut up listen to me
I'm going to teach you, how to kill innocents
Don't be afraid, I'm going to format you
Don't run away

I will catch you, don't break the laws
That will be useless, that won't be used

Take my weapon, my salvation
Look strait in the eyes of my enemies
Don't ask me any questions, make that ask the society
Bring me salvation, bring me salvation

Forget your pleasure, you don't need that now
Forget your girlfriend because she died under fire

Avenge her, and don't ever forget
What society asked you to do

Cities are in ruin
Brains of government go away
This step will be long, but it will never end
Suffer and get higher
If it's not too late, if it's not too late